The Neapolitan horn: the most famous amulet of the city of Naples


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The Neapolitan horn: the most famous amulet of the city of Naples

Whether it’s a pendant, a key ring or a small ornament, it doesn’t matter: the Neapolitan red horn is the amulet on which Neapolitans rely most to fight bad luck, evil eye and negativity.

Of ancient origin, it is thought to date back to 3500 BC, when the populations of hunters used to hang horns of large prey, still stained with red blood, at the doors of their homes in order to intimidate and ward off enemies.

Today in Naples the horn has become the symbol of protection and good wishes par excellence, so much so that it is difficult to walk through the city without running into souvenir shops or little shops that display some of them. But like any self-respecting superstition, also the influence of the Neapolitan horn, to be effective, must meticulously respect some rules. Let’s find out which ones!

The characteristics of the Neapolitan horn

The first rule that should never be broken to enjoy a perfect Neapolitan amulet horn is that it should be a gift. You should never buy a lucky horn by yourself, but it is necessary that it is the care and affection of others to support the beneficial energy of this amulet. Moreover, even if in Naples you can find every colour and material (gold, silver, plastic, etc.), the real Neapolitan horn must be red like blood and for this reason, especially in the past, it was made of coral, a precious stone that in turn carries with it the reputation of protecting the pregnant woman. It should not be forgotten, then, that according to tradition the horn must be handmade and it is thanks to this prerogative that the craftsman can respect another feature related to the traditional horn: it must be possibly hollow inside. Probably, this rule is in turn linked to an ancient custom in Naples, which is to strengthen gestures and superstitious rites with salt: here is that a hollow horn, can be filled with salt to enhance its effectiveness.

An excellent way to carry this extraordinary amulet with you is through a pendant, to be held around your neck to protect our person, or through a keychain, so that it can protect and guard the place or object to which the keys belong.

These are the characteristics of the Neapolitan horn, for centuries an ally of the Neapolitan people against misfortune and negativity. And if even the most skeptical are not yet convinced of its power, perhaps they can make them reflect the words of the great Eduardo De Filippo: “Being superstitious is ignorant, but not being so is bad luck”.

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