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Via Appia Antica,
224, 00179 Roma, Italy
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All inclusive services

A first-class welcome

We guarantee the best experience right from the start. Our guests will be welcomed by a staff member who will offer all the necessary information and will show you the house, as well as taking care of the check-in procedures. You will also be left with a convenient apartment manual containing all the information. At the end of the meeting, the guests will be given a mobile number that will offer assistance 24 hours a day. At the end of the stay, guests will meet our employee and will be able to check out.

Meet & Greet

After a first meeting at the check in, our guests can go to our office in Via Giordano Bruno, to receive a real Meet and Greet. Useful information and illustration of all the activities you can do throughout your stay.

Living Naples and surroundings

like its fantastic islands.

We'll take care of the tickets

Available for our guests the Delivery Tickets service, therefore it will be possible to receive vouchers or tickets to travel on means of transport to reach famous places, such as the islands or Pompeii, or to participate to an event. Delivery will be made directly to the apartment.

Transport tickets

We order and deliver to the apartment any air, sea or rail tickets.

Tickets for events

We order and deliver tickets to the apartment for concerts, matches and other events.

Rental of transport equipment

Among our services there is the possibility to rent private vehicles to get around the city. In addition, thanks to the partnership with a HERTZ rental point, it will be possible to receive the rented car directly at home.

Bicycle rental

From spring, guests can rent bikes, both normal and muscular, and find them directly at home.

Car rental

Possibility to book multiple models of cars (economy, compact, intermediate, large) and also with driver (NCC).

Boat rental

Available the rental of boats or inflatables for the whole day, with and without skipper. Some with departure a few meters from home.

Discovering Naples

Among our many services, we offer a series of excursions to enjoy, discover and experience the city in the best possible way. Our goal is to enrich the cultural baggage of our guests with original and unique positive experiences.

Tasting tours

It will be possible to taste the real Neapolitan cuisine in all its forms, from street food to the dishes of starred chefs.

Legendary Tours

Naples is pervaded by legends and myths, you will discover places full of art and fantastic stories.

Experiential Tours

Adventures to experience firsthand, how to become a cook and learn the culinary values of the local tradition.

Cultural tours

Enjoy the atmosphere and soul of Naples, browsing through places of ancient Neapolitan tradition.

Sea tours

Scuba diving, snorkeling and boat tours. To admire unique scenery and discover ancient legends.

Holiday Tours

During the festivities you can discover places full of legends, stories and curiosities about the various celebrations.

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